PIABO Office

The PIABO office is a place where people come together.

Collaborative work over 600 square metres represents PIABO’s agile working world. In the spirit of new work, one thing is key: Seeing the world of work as a place of value creation and empowering every member of staff to realize their potential.

For example, the open space concept covers various areas of work including team islands where staff can withdraw and talk to each other, telephone boxes, video conference rooms, and a podcast studio, in order to facilitate quiet and concentrated work, and a large, nicely designed space. This space is characterized by openness, transparency, and light for independent work at height-adjustable desks. Flexibility, technological tools, speed, and opportunities for creative personal exchange are key success factors at PIABO.

Nevertheless, some may wonder why the space itself plays such an important role if there is a growing trend towards mobile and remote work. This comes down to psychology and is closely related to having an attractive company culture. Despite all the digitalization, the human element is the most valuable, and that is precisely why we like to go to the office.

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