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Every four weeks, our founder and CEO Tilo Bonow talks to people who are shaping our digital future on his podcast called Business Class. During conversations, Tilo and his guests dive deep into a chosen future subject, following the latest news, and talk about how they intend to solve key challenges with their business ideas, visions for the future, products, or their commitment to innovation. This produces a captivating conversation about our ever-changing digital world – every single time.

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#1 Wie gewinnt man ein Journalisten-Herz? Frank Schmiechen, gruenderszene.de

Sep 15, 2017 | 30 Min.

Tilo Bonow im Gespräch mit Frank Schmiechen, Chefredakteur von gruenderszene.de über Storytelling für Startups! Wie man die Herzen der Journalisten gewinnt und welche Fehler man tunlichst vermeiden sollte.

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