CS Customized Services

Customized Services

Additional customized services tailored to client needs – all from a single source

Communication is more than just translating messages into texts. A brand’s overall appearance has an impact on how it is perceived and on its positioning in the market and with respect tos competitors. This involves everything from naming the product and brand, to the design of the corporate identity, and communication with end users via chatbots.

Our specialists operate in the areas of brand strategy and naming, CI development, UX design, and chatbot communication – to name just a few. Together with our dedicated teams of specialists and our global network, we can meet the individual needs of our clients with pinpoint precision. We draw up customized offers that combine strategy and implementation from a single source.

Building blocks:

  • Brand positioning
  • Re-naming
  • Crisis communications
  • Corporate identity and design
  • Media training

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