IR KOL Influencer Relations + KOL

Influencer Relations + KOL

Efficiently increasing outreach with opinion leaders

Influencer marketing is an efficient and measurable tool in the marketing mix that is used to convey communication messages to the target group directly and authentically. In addition to our storytelling expertise and many years of experience in influencer relations and public affairs, PIABO uses AI-based data analyses to identify opinion leaders with a wide reach. Besides drawing up contracts and managing activation measures, we also analyze campaign results in real-time. We also help to give exposure to individuals from the company and to build them up to become opinion leaders with excellent reach.

Building blocks:

  • Influencer marketing
  • KOL engagement
  • Program development
  • Campaign production
  • Blogger relations
  • Reputation management
  • Analysis and evaluation
  • Community building
  • Testimonial engagement

Let's drive your success story.