Mar 30, 2023
Social Media Trends 2023 by PIABO and Kurio
Social Media Trends 2023 by PIABO and Kurio
Timotée Gbaguidi

Social Media Trends 2023

Social media is constantly changing. This year too, new trends will emerge - for individuals, but also for businesses. Timotée Gbaguidi, Digital Communications Director at PIABO, gives an overview of the most important social media trends of the future.


Artificial Intelligence for Social Media

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is on the rise - for real! The possibilities of AI have been discussed for a long time, but only in the last few months have they become more tangible and accessible to the masses. This is due in no small part to practical applications such as ChatGPT and Lensa, which allow users to explore the potential of AI in a low-threshold, everyday way. 

The extent to which brands and businesses can benefit from this remains to be seen, as the quality of contributions is more important than the quantity. And in this respect, human creativity is still superior to artificial intelligence. Nevertheless: In terms of identifying trending topics, as well as the timeliness and regularity of posts, AI is a great support and strong sparring partner in social media marketing. The fact that the world is currently experimenting with new AI applications can only be an advantage in unlocking its potential. 


From B2C to B2B Communication

There's no doubt about it: the trend is moving from B2C to B2B. More and more successful influencers are expanding their presence on platforms like LinkedIn to attract the attention of potential business partners. This includes sports and television personalities, as well as content creators whose careers began on other social media platforms. For agencies, this is an opportunity to lend their expertise to the development of personal brands and expand their own database. 

There are two key metrics for measuring the success of B2B marketing: The amplification rate shows how many times a post was shared compared to the total number of followers. In addition, as an agency, we look at our clients' overall presence in traditional and social media and compare it to the frequency with which competitors are talked about and covered. 


The Most Exciting Newcomer: The Metaverse 

Social needs and values should not only be at the center of analog life, but also online - and the metaverse offers countless opportunities to build online connections, cultivate friendships, and work together for shared values. In the virtual world, creativity knows no bounds, and companies should take advantage of this to communicate and live their values and goals not only offline, but online as well. 


Great potential: BYOI

Why rely on external influencers when your own employees can become your company's ambassadors? BYOI, short for Build Your Own Influencer, is the B2B marketing trend of the coming year. Many companies have already recognized this and launched their first programs, as the potential for high-reach, authentic storytelling through corporate influencers is enormous.


Under the leadership of the social media agency Kurio and together with experts from 24 other independent agencies worldwide, Timotée ventured a look into the future in the Social Media Marketing Trend Report 2023.

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