May 4, 2023
space tech companies to keep an eye on
space tech companies to keep an eye on
Henrik Pflaumbaum

8 exciting space tech companies to keep an eye on

Conquering space: Mankind has long cherished this dream, and it's no longer just a matter for government projects and large companies. Space Bandits lists 100 companies in the start-up category alone. There's already a lot going on in space - edge computing, navigation, cameras, sensors - and on Earth, people are working hard to make it easier and more frequent for us to leave our planet, too. For a tiny overview of the cosmically-sized space tech industry, check out this list of eight interesting space tech companies. 


1) Regrow

Regrow's tech may be in space, but its utility is on Earth. The company helps farmers farm their land more sustainably. The imagery from Regrow's satellites makes it possible to efficiently monitor large contiguous and small distributed croplands in real time. In addition, Regrow creates predictions for soil conditions using an accepted scientific model. This allows the right farming practices to be chosen ahead of time and keeps soils nutrient-rich. And Regrow's data is not only useful for farmers; it also helps scientists and climate activists.


2) Syntony GNSS

Syntony is similar, but its satellites provide access to a Global Navigation Satellite System, or GNSS. With over 900 satellites, the company has enabled navigation anywhere in the world and at all heights and depths since 2015. Practical not only for air and sea travel, but also for everything that takes place underground. This is not limited to humans, with Syntony's IoT solutions, robots or drones can also navigate autonomously.


3) Astra

Astra (Latin for "stars") appeared in the sky in 2016 and are the first company on NASDAQ to offer space launches for everyone at acceptable prices (beware, everything is relative). Meanwhile, NASA has also flown with them twice. Additionally, the team builds engines and propulsion parts for orbit.


4) Momentus

Momentus is also working on the PST (Public Space Transport). They are now also listed on the stock exchange and offer launches from Earth into space. But that's not all: they operate a quasi public transport service in Earth orbit. With its "In-Space Transportation" service, Momentus transports satellites from one orbit to another, for example.


5) Leaf Space

Ever heard of Everything as a Service? Leaf Space certainly has, and if there's a need for ground control or launch vehicle tracking on short notice, you're in the right place with GSaaS - Ground Stations as a Service. For a fixed monthly price, the company has been providing technical infrastructure and corresponding personnel for mission support from Earth and live tracking of launch vehicles to their destination since 2014.


6) LiveEO

It's not just ground stations that can be rented. LiveEO offers an AI solution that uses satellite data to derive recommended actions for companies. In 2017, LiveEO was founded in Berlin. An artificial intelligence analyzes satellite data from various sources and provides recommendations for action that are fed directly into customers' in-house systems: IaaS - Insights as a Service. LiveEO's insights make networks more resilient to the effects of climate change and minimize the need for carbon-intensive monitoring methods. This improves business processes and contributes to greater security, efficiency and sustainability of work processes.


7) Orora Technologies

IaaS is also available from OroraTech, though in this case the I stands for infrared cameras on satellites. Founded in 2018, the company launched the first of a planned 100 infrared cameras into space in 2022. They analyze temperature fluctuations on Earth, from which predictions are then derived. Orora Technologies' forest fire warning system is now used on six continents by private and public entities. And on the seventh, Antarctica, there are neither forests nor fires.


8) Reflex Aerospace

In order for all that tech to be used in space, it has to be mounted somewhere and transported into orbit. Reflex Aerospace specializes in building satellite platforms for a wide variety of customers. Through standardization, the company can offer much faster manufacturing, assembly and integration times at competitive prices. In addition, the Munich-based company also offers other related services, such as financing models, satellite subscriptions and the resale of used platforms in orbit. In this way, Reflex Aerospace aims to turn the satellite industry on its head and create a sustainable space infrastructure that contributes to the development of all mankind.


There's a lot of money in these projects - but can you get into space without big investors and expensive laboratories? That's the question Copenhagen Suborbitals has asked themselves, and the answer leans strongly toward "yes." The non-profit association from Copenhagen has taken on the challenge of sending a human into the stratosphere in a rocket made of commercially available components. The last - and like all others - successful test launch of the rocket design took place in 2018 - and it was successful. And the next test with a rocket including an astronaut capsule is already being planned.



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